The advantages of virtual tour for real estate consultants and agents

Help to faster selling or rent a property better

Saving time and money

24-hour access to the property

Avoiding direct visits by unwanted people

More security of the real state’s advertise

Creating more reputable and professional ads and increasing the number of visits and calls

Help to monopolize the property file for the real state

Respecting the customer's time and in result Improvement of customer satisfaction

Sales growth

Better review and analysis of consultants' performance by the agency's director

Easy to create and share and no need for photography skills

The advantages of virtual tour for platforms

Reduce counterfeit ads

More eye-catching ads and attract more audience

In overall, increasing google rank by 20%

Creating a competitive advantage

Compatibility with smart phones

Improve average Time on Page, reducing bounce rate and website return rate

Increasing the rate of visits, calls and sales of ads and, of course, increasing the network effect, make the brand more valuable, increasing customer loyalty, and ultimately increase revenue

The advantages of virtual tour for users

Virtual visit before the actual visit and choosing the suitable files

Saving time and money

Less inconvenience for sellers and property owners

Preventing some abuses such as theft

Compatibility with smart phones

Progress in the dealing process by speeding up the property visit process

Reducing counterfeit, duplicated or unrealistic ads

Relative evaluation of consultants' performance by statistical data available in each virtual tour link