Virtual Visit Before The Actual Visit


Virtual Visit Before The Actual Visit

Virtual Tour

Virtual tours, also known as 3D tours, allow buyers to visit homes virtually. The properties buyers controls which part of the properties they look at and from which angle — think of it like Street View on Google Maps, but for the inside of a properties. Listing videos, on the other hand, are not interactive. They are a straightforward video that usually includes music, zooming and panning. The buyer can’t control the movement of the video.
Here’s an example of a virtual tour, made with VrHouse:

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Virtual Tour

virtual tour

3D Model

The features of a 3D model provide an immersive experience that you can visit a property virtually. With these features, you can look a property of various views such as top view.

3d tour

Floor Plan

After creating a virtual tour by following the rules of photography, create property floor plan by one click.

2d tour

Dream View

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Features and tools

Measurement tools
Measure each part of the property, including walls, windows, furniture.
Tag Ability
To display and introduce the prominent parts of the property, you can add text, photos and video to the virtual tour.
Walkthrough Virtual tour
Buyer can walk virtually in the property and imagine themself in that space.
Video output
It is possible to automatically create attractive videos from all angles of the rooms and then can share it.
3D model file
You can download the 3D model file of property (.FBX) and import it to other 3D software such as Autodesk 3DS max.
Agency Management Panel
By using this panel (platform) real estate agencies will have more professional consultation and can check and control their own performance.
filings evaluation
You can evaluate the efficiency in different platforms such as domain.com.au.
Adding voice
It is possible to add audio descriptions related to each room.
Binocular display
the ability to display in virtual reality glasses.



Users spend 3 times as much time on virtual tour ads.


Increases property ads views up to 40%.


Increases the calls number of ads up to 95%.


Increases the number of real estate transactions up to 49%.


The real estate consultants would be more professional and reputable up to 63%.


80% of clients of real estate consultants transact as soon as they visited the house for the first time.


In the developed countries, about 77% of people tend to observe the house by virtual tour before actual visit.


Rental rate of villa increased up to 14%.


Increases the rank in google up to 20%.

About Us

VrHouse is a knowledge-based company in the field of virtual reality and 3D modeling. Users with no photography experiences can create virtual tour from wherever they want through this scalable tool. Published content can be used in announcement, design, architecture, advertising and any other fields to better understanding of space.